Stanya Kahn
Stanya Kahn

Going live May 1, 2020 during COVID-19 lockdown: A work-in-progress, this page of pamphlets, posters and newspapers are from my personal archive that were handed down to me by my mom who was involved in various movements in the 1960's/70's/80's, in particular in the prison movement. My parents were members of The People's Press in San Francisco, a tiny collective that put out movement literature. I am sharing this ephemera here since so much is still relevant and maybe helpful in understanding history and the longevity of struggles—change takes a long time! In order to respect copyrights and those original authors/editors who might need to make a living selling editions, I have uploaded low resolution or partial/excerpted files. Please share this respect. Each link below is a PDF of a pamphlet or chapbook made by community organizers and small presses. To the right are images of posters. I will keep scanning and uploading over time (thank you to intern Nicole Selew for doing the first batch.)

Message to the Black Movement From the Black Underground/BLA

Comrade George: An Investigation in the Real Story of His Assassination



Scanlan's Jan 1971: Guerilla War in the US

Building a Rank and File Caucus, Black Panther Party

Detroit to Durban, Black Worker's Common Struggle

Strike at GM

The Great Sit-Down Flint Strike

Taxi at the Crossroads

The FBI is in Town

Legal First Aid

By the Government, for The Government, Against the People

From Soledad to San Quentin

Freedom on Our Terms: The Case Against Adult Authority

The New Urban Guerilla by Elmer Geronimo Pratt

From Women in Prison Here to Women in Viet Nam

To the Point of Production, Bay Area Radical Education Project

Inside Out, Prison Support Group

I am Your Sister: Black Women Organizing Across Sexualities, Audre Lorde

Heroin and Imperialism

The Political Economy of Heroin Distribution in the US

Notes on the Theory of Imperialism

Uncle Sam the Pusherman

Firearms and Self Defense: a Handbook for Radicals, Revolutionaries and Easy Riders (1970)

Pacifism and Violence


Huey P. Newton, from the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense 2.jpg

from OSPAAL, Amilcar Cabral

Day of Unacceptance, April 22 Coalition

Pablo Neruda


Ho Chi Minh, printed by Glad Day Press, proceeds to NYC Medical Aid for Viet Nam 1971

Nguyen Thai-Binh, from the Union of Vietnamese in the United States

from OSPAAL, 26th of July '53-'68
(Vanguard of the Cuban Revolution)


from OSPAAL, Solidarity with Afro-American People Aug 18

from OSPAAL, Ever onward to victory
(hasta la victoria siempre)

Critical Resistance: Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex, 1988

Ho Chi Minh, American Documentary Films

from OSPAAL, Black Power